Let It Ride is a variation of poker, minus the opponent. The game begins with the player making 3 equal bets on the outcome of the hand. The player then receives five cards, three face up and two face down. The player now should gauge their hand and judge whether they should Take Down one of the bets or Let It Ride. In the next round, one of the hidden cards is revealed, and the player is given the option to Take Down their bet or Let It Ride. At this point, the final card is revealed and the player wins if they have a minimum of a pair of 10's in their hand.

The player is paid out for each bet that is remaining on the board.

Let It Ride Payouts
Royal Flush 1000/1
Straight Flush 200/1
Four of a Kind 50/1
Full House 11/1
Flush 8/1
Straight 5/1
Three of a Kind 3/1
Two Pairs 2/1
Tens or Better 1/1

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