The object of Stud Poker is to have a higher five-card poker hand than the dealer. To begin, the player must first make an Ante wager to open the betting round. Once placed, they are dealt 5 cards face up, while the dealer receives 5 cards, all face down except for 1. The player next has the option to Fold or Raise, depending on their hand. If the player Folds, they will lose the Ante wager and move onto the next hand.

If the player raises, the dealer will show their cards. If the player's hand is higher than the dealer's, the player wins the Ante. In order for the player to win the Raise, the dealer's hand must qualify by containing at least an Ace/King. The Raise is paid out based on the strength of the player's hand. If the dealer's hand fails to qualify, the player's raise bet is returned. In the event of the dealer and the player having hands of equal strength, the hand with the next highest card (the Kicker), will be the winner.

Stud Poker Payouts
Ace/King 1/1
Pair 1/1
Two Pair 2/1
Three of a Kind 3/1
Straight 4/1
Flush 5/1
Full House 7/1
Four of a Kind 20/1
Straight Flush 50/1
Royal Flush 100/1
Progressive Jackpot
Flush 2% of the Jackpot
Full House 5% of the Jackpot
Four of a Kind 10% of the Jackpot
Straight Flush 20% of the Jackpot

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